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Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice is available both Glutinous rice and Sweet rice in 2 types:

10% Broken
100% Broken A1
Sticky rice also known as glutinous rice, sweet rice and waxy rice, is commonly used in different types of Asian desserts and meat dishes. This type of rice is grown primarily in several countries in Asia such as Thailand, China, Japan, Indonesia, Laos, Korea and the Philippines.

This rice specie can be found anywhere in Thailand, sold with various tasty Thai food.

This is one type of rice which the country is rich in because it is blessed with a beautiful land and weather to grow such beautiful crops.

Households around the world also acknowledged sticky rice or glutinous rice’s importance and satisfying factor in the table.

Sticky rice exporters from Thailand are known to have the best quality and standard among other countries competing in the market.

In Thailand, the government supports the aim of improving the sticky rice industry. It aims to dedicated 25% of rice fields to grow sticky rice which will soon be exported in a larger number of countries around the world.

Meanwhile, we pride ourselves as a sticky rice exporter for delivering top sticky rice quality and standard around the world.

500 Kg              20 Kg
850 Kg              25 Kg
1,000 Kg 50 Kg
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