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Refined Sunflower Oil
Zima Thaitrading are offering customized range of Refined Sunflower Oils in quality packaging material as per the requirement of the client at most competitive prices. Refined Sunflower oil offered by us, is the best cooking oil, which is most commonly used to maintain the level of cholesterol in the body. The Vegetable Cooking Oil that we supply is known for its health benefits and is widely consumed by the clients across the globe. We follow international quality standard with the latest & modern design development in the field of edible oil industry. Our talented quality control executives strictly test the products on various quality parameters before the final dispatch.Our team is comprised of experienced professionals. All their efforts lead to provide maximum level of satisfaction to the clients.
Zima Thaitrading have gained maximum customer satisfaction and built long term relationships with the national or international clients in a small span of time.
Description of Goods : Sunflower Oil


A carefully selected mixture of Sunflower Oil

Examination in ultra violei : K232 5.30 K2702,00 AK0,20

Peroxide value (mEq o2 / Kgr) : 15

Soap Detection : Negative

Faulty acid composition by GLC 0% FAME
Shelf life 2 years (starting at shipping date)
The specific density (at 20°C ) Range 0,915-0,923 typical 0,92 1
The refractive index (at 40°C ) 1,474-1,476
Acidity mg KOH % gm oil max Range1,0-2,0 typical 1,6
Peroxide value mMol/kg oil = 3 max 
Color value iodine, mg max 15
Iodine value (WIJS) 127
Moisture & Impurities=  % 120 - 143 max
The saponification value, mg KOH/gm185-194
Unsaponificable, % 1,3-1,5
Phosphorus containing matter (P2O5) 0,1
Non-fatty Impurities, % max Range 0,10 - 0,02 typical 0,02
Coloring: 2 Red / 20 Yellow
Artificial flavors = Absent
Anti oxidants = Absent
Preservative agent = Absent
Soap Value = 186 - 195
Anti foaming agent = Absent
Anti crystallization agent = Absent
Acidity , Free fatty acid 0.8 - 1.5 (FFA) 0.1%

Refractive index 1.474 - 1.475
Energetic Value --------- 3700kj / 900kcal
Proteins ---------------- 0g.
Carbonhydrate ---------- 0g.
Sugars ------------------ 0g.
Fats -------------------- 100g.
Saturated --------------- 13g.
Monoinsaturated --------- 27g.
Poliinsaturated ----------- 60g.
Colesterol ---------------- free
Sodium ------------------- 0g.
Vitamin E -------- 72mg.
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