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Meanings, symbols and the significance of rice

Rice is more than just a part of a meal nor just a great source of energy. It is not just something farmers plant and harvest for personal source of income or export. It is part of many Asian [...]
Export Quality

Due to unpredictable weather affecting the growth of crops around the world, it has been a daily challenge especially for farmers to grow and save every grain on the field. In 2014, Thailand
Rice Exports in Thailand

Not just in tourism but also in trading business, Thailand excels in service and quality. The country is successfully exporting rice to hundreds of countries for decades now. Because of service
Jasmine Rice Export

Jasmine rice, is one type of rice grown mainly in Thailand. It is one of the alternatives used especially by Asians. Because of its incomparable aroma and unique, a bit sticky,
Thailand to reclaim rice exporter title this year?

After losing to India last year, Thailand is confident to reclaim its title as the world’s largest rice exporter this 2016. This year, the country aims to target 9 million tonnes
Thailand rice production and export

From an average of 30 million tonnes  or 19.8 million tonnes of milled rice produced yearly, the government plans to slash the production of paddy down to 25 million tonnes or 16.5 million tonnes
Thailand Rice Exporter & Asia’s Rice Bowl

As essential as the air we breathe and the water we drink, rice has become a big part of our daily life, especially in southeast Asia, where rice is abundant and at its finest quality.
Thai Rice Exporters Association

Thai Rice Exporters Association first known as the Siam Rice Association, is a collaboration of various exporters who support the rice exporting and trading industry of Thailand
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