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Jasmine Rice
It is known because of its arresting jasmine aroma and soft texture when cooked. Thai jasmine rice originated in Thailand and is preferred by Southeast Asian people. It was later recognised by local and international cuisine specialists. Then, it became known and in demand in various countries including famous and exclusive restaurants around the world.

Thai jasmine rice is a great source of insoluble fibre which is effective in flushing out food and preventing constipation. It is also good for digestion and may also help prevent different types of cancer.

Ages passed and there have been countless Thai jasmine rice exporters in the world.

World’s favourite Thailand rice exporter

Embracing the core ethics and values of a trusted Thai jasmine rice exporter, our company is committed to distribute sufficient quantity of Thai jasmine rice around the world.

The said rice is one of the main export products of the northeast and central parts of Thailand, where the said product grow abundantly due to its geographical location.

There are packs out in the market that are labeled as Thai jasmine rice but are totally different when cooked. However, a good quality Thai jasmine rice validates its reputation by its wonderful aroma and soft and chewy texture.

JUMBO BAG                 PP/PE BAG
500 Kg                              20 Kg
850 Kg                              25 Kg
1,000 Kg                  50 Kg
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