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Brown Rice
Brown Rice is available in 3 types:

  Jasmine Rice 100%
  White Rice 100%
  Parboiled Rice 100%
Though white rice is the most consumed type of rice in the world, brown rice is meanwhile considered one of the healthiest foods. Therefore, brown rice has gained the interests of various exporters in the market and incredible position in the exporting business.

Among the many nutritional benefits it gives are fibre, potassium, calcium magnesium and protein. This is because only the husk is being removed from the grain to keep it mild in flavour and nutty in texture when cooked.

One of the surprising things that brown rice may help people with, is the fight with the risk of  having cancer.

Since it is rich in fibre, it helps fight and minimize the time for substances to possibly spread cancer.

As the demand of rice increases internationally, Thailand continuously promote top-quality brown rice exports around the world.

World’s most trusted Thailand rice exporter

Thailand possesses a type of land and weather suited for growing abundant rice delivered throughout the country and sufficient amount exported anywhere in the world. One of which is the nutritious brown rice.

Considered as the most trusted exporter, our team effort to maintain the good image through high product standard and trusted service quality.

We dedicate ourselves in building a strong foundation between our company and the clients we serve.

500 Kg               20 Kg
850 Kg               25 Kg
1,000 Kg   50 Kg
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